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Tourist Spots of Ramanathapuram District

Erwadi Dargah

The graves of Emperor Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badshah along with his Kith and kin are found in the main Dargah  campus.A very big Mosque which accommodates more than 10000 pilgrims is  here.The single minaret is 250 feet tall and is very impressive which can be viewed from all shores of Ramanathapuram District.
The 'Santhanakoodu Urus festival' which is conducted annually attracts huge crowds of pilgrims and tourists and the festival lasts for 30 days.This year the festival started on 16th August with the flag hoisting ceremony and continued till 14th September 2015.The chariot procession with the pot containing sandalwood paste is attended by very large number of pilgrims every year.The festival is celebrated in great unity, peace and harmony with Muslims,Hindus and Christians joined  together.
Pamban Bridge

Also known as Indira Gandhi Bridge connects the Rameshwaram island with the mainland India.There are both railway and road bridges.The railway bridge here is the first sea bridge in India which was opened in 1914.It is 6,776 feet long.
Dhanushkodi and Kothanda Rama Temple

It is from this place that starts the 'Rama Sethu' a bridge of rocks  built by the army of King Sugreeva to cross the sea to Srilanka for helping Sri Rama in the Rama-Ravana war.The distance between Dhanushkodi to Talaimannar in Srilanka where the Rama Sethu bridge meets is 29 km.The ruins of the bridge can still be seen.
People take a dip in the sea at this place which is considered as holy.Kodanda Rama temple exists here which is the place where Vibheeshana was crowned as the King of Srilanka by Lord Rama.
There was   railway line and a railway station at Dhanushkodi from Pamban Station of Rameshwaram which was destroyed by a cyclone in 1964.
Bhadrakali Amman Temple
This  temple is 1 km from Rameshwaram temple which is dedicated to Devi Bhadrakali. (Durga). 
Devi Pattinam Navagraha Temple
This temple dedicated to the 'Navagrahas' is famous since it is believed that Lord Srirama worshiped here.
Gandhamadana Parvatham
This hill has mention in the holy text 'Ramayana' and tourists and pilgrims visit here in large numbers.A two storeyed Mandapam exists here which has the 'Rama Paadam' (holy imprints of Lord Rama).This hill is the highest point in the island of Rameshwaram.

Uthirakosamangai  temple
It is  a famous Shiva  temple which has the presiding deity 'Lord Shiva' known and worshiped  in this temple   as ' Mangalanadhar' in the form of 'Shivlingam' and his consort is called as 'Mangalambigai' who has a  separate shrine.There are other deities such as  Lord Ganesha,Lord Muruga,Navagrahas,Chandeeswarar,Nandi,Dakshinamurthy,Durga etc in this temple.There are six daily pooja rituals and six annual festivals here.
.The annual 'Arudhra' festival in the month of December is the most  famous.
There is an ancient 6 feet tall 'Marathaka Nataraja Idol' which is a unique carved  emerald  idol of Lord Shiva in dancing posture inside this temple.
Aadi Ratneshwarar Temple
This Shiva temple is situated at 'Tiruvadanai' which is 70 km from Ramanathapuram town.This is a Lord Shiva temple and the belief is that it was established by 'Sun God'.He installed Lord Shiva idol on a seat of Sapphire Gems and worshiped him for his blessings.
At the time of 'Abhisheka' at noon the deity turns blue.
It is believed that Sage Agasthyar,Markandeya and the Holy cow 'Kamadhenu' worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple.
Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary
Chitrangudi is 45 km from Ramanathapuram.The sanctuary is open year round and is a natural habitat for winter migratory birds.The place is selected by large species of birds for breeding and they  can be seen in large numbers at Chitrangudi and Kanjirankulam bird sanctuaries of Ramanathapuram district.
Species like 'Open billed stork,Gray Heron,Painted Stork,Pond Heron,Cattle egret,Spoonbill etc can be seen in abundance here.

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Aadi Jagannatha Perumal Temple

Aadi Jagannatha Perumal temple is situated at Thirupullani in the district of Ramanathapuram in Tamilnadu State.It is dedicated  to Lord Vishnu who is called as 'Aadi Jagannatha Perumal' (The Lord of the whole Universe) in this temple and much importance is also given to the deity of 'Sri Rama' here and is also famous as Thirupullani Darbhasayanam Temple.Thirupullani is situated 10 km from Ramanathapuram.
Several happenings of 'Ramayana' occurred at Ramanathapuram where Lord Rama and Sita Devi installed the idols of Lord Shiva and established the 'Rameshwaram Temple'.Lord Rama with the help of Sugriva's army built a bridge 'Rama Sethu' from Dhanushkodi which is very near to Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka.
It is believed that Emperor Dasaratha, father of Sri Rama performed a penance and got the mantra of 'Puthrakameshti Yagam' at the spot where 'Aadi Jagannatha Perumal temple' exists.More over Srirama performed a penance for three days lying on 'Darbha grass' to propitiate Lord Varuna, the God of the Sea at this place.Another belief is that Vibhishana, the youngest brother of King Ravana surrendered to Lord Rama at this place while Lord Rama was making arrangements to cross the sea for the war with Ravana.(So the temple at this place is also called as 'Saranagati Kshetram).While coming back victoriously after Killing Ravana and saving Sita, Srirama with Sita alighted from the 'Pushpaka Vimana' at this place to take rest for a while.Sri Rama narrated the happenings after the abduction of Sita Devi to her at that time.Because of all these  facts 'Sri Rama' of this temple has much importance.
This temple is one among the 108 abodes of Lord Vishnu which are called as 'Divya Desams'.
The deity of 'Aadi Jagannatha Perumal' is in sitting posture and is shown along with Sridevi and Bhudevi.There is a separate shrine for his consort called here as 'Padmasini Devi'.
The five tiered entrance tower 'Raja Gopuram' is magnificent and beautiful.
Out of the 18 Divya Desam temples in 'Pandya region' Thirupullani temple has much more importance.This temple is also called in names such as 'Pullaranyam,Pullanai,Thiruvanai,Aadi Sethu,Dharbhasayanam,Saranagati Kshetram,Ratnakara Kshetram,Pullangadu and Nalasethu'.
The offerings for 'Aadi Jagannatha Perumal' includes offering of  Tulasi garland, Abhishekams,Poojas,Naivedyam and so on.For Padmasini Devi devotees submit Sari as an offering.
The Shrine of Srirama has also a majestic appearance and the deity is in reclining posture.From his naval is shown three lotus on which Lord Brahma,Sun and Moon are depicted.Sculpted on the walls there are images such as 'Lakshmi Devi,Madhu-Kaitabha,Garuda,Markandeya,Suka etc and at the feet of Rama stands Lord Hanuman.At the southern side of the 'Arthamandapam' stands Vibhishana.
Lakshmana  in the form of the serpent 'Adisesha' is depicted on which Lord Sri Rama is reclining.Lord Sri Rama's sanctum in such a depiction is not seen elsewhere.
In this temple two annual festivals  are celebrated and one is 'Brahmolsavam' in Painguni month in which Lord Jagannath (Vishnu) is given importance and the other is  'Srirama Jayanthi Festival'in the month of Chitra for which Lord Sri Rama is given more importance.Vaikunta Ekadasi,Deepawali,Pongal,Sree Krishna Jayanthi,Thiruvadipooram

etc are all well  celebrated here. 
There is separate flag staff for the Sri Rama's shrine in this temple.
Childless couples visit this temple and worship 'Lord Sri Rama and 'Naga Deities' of  this temple to get blessings for a child.A child like Lord Sri Rama will be born to them  with the grace of the Lord is the belief.People offer 'Pal Payasam'(Milk Porridge) to Lord Sri Rama and Offerings to Naga Deities for this cause.
The devotees has to take a dip in the 'Sakarai theertham' near the temple and in  the 'Aadi Sethu' at 'Sethu Karai' which is 4 km from the temple is a traditional custom before worshiping the deities of this temple.   
The tmple is opened from morning 7.00 to 12.00 and in the evening  3.30 to 8.30 pm.