Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy temple is situated in Rameswaram island in the Bay of Bengal which is accessed from the mainland by the famous Pamban Bridge and this is part of Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu State.
Rameshwaram Temple has much significance that it is one of the four 'Chardham' temples in India.By worshiping in these four temples one could attain 'Moksha' (Salvation) is the belief.Every Hindu should visit all these four temples at least once in their life is advised by learned people.Ramanathaswamy temple Rameshwaram,Badrinath Temple,Dwarakadhish Temple in Dwaraka,Gujarat and Jagannath Temple in Puri,Orissa are the four 'Chardam' temples.The pilgrimage is suggested to start with Puri Jagannath temple and proceed in clockwise direction.
Rameshwaram temple is also considered as one of the 'Jyothirlinga Temples.There are 12 Jyothirlinga Shiva temples in India where Lord Shiva appeared as a fiery column of light.
The Jyothirlinga temples in India are 'Somanath Temple Gujarat,Mallikarjuna Temple at Sreesailam in Andhra Pradesh,Omkareshwar temple in Madhya Pradesh,Kedarnath Temple in Haryana,Bhishmashankar Temple in Maharashtra,Viswanatha Temple in Varanasi in Utthar Pradesh,Triambakeshwar Temple in Maharashtra,Vaidyanath Temple at Deoghar in Jharkhand, Nageswar at Dwaraka in Gujarat,Ramanathaswamy temple at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and Grishnehwaram Temple at Autangabad in Maharashtra.
At Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy temple the presiding deity is Lord Shiva.There are two 'Shiva Linga' idols in this temple.One is known as 'Rama Lingam' which was made by Sita Devi, the consort of Lord Rama from sand.The other big idol is known as 'Viswa Lingam' and was brought by Lord Hanuman Swamy from mount 'Kailash'.At the time of installation of this temple by Lord Sri Rama,Sita Devi,Lord Lakshman and Hanumanswamy, Hanuman Swamy was supposed to bring the idol from  the Him

alayas.But when he was delayed, a sand idol created by Sitha Devi  was consecrated but immediately Hanumanswamy arrived with the idol and it was also consecrated.
At this temple the devotees has to worship the 'Viswa Lingam' first and then only the other 'Rama Lingam' and this instruction was made by Lord Sri Rama himself which is followed till to day.
This temple has gigantic towers which are 'Raja Gopurams' and the main tower is 53 m tall.
This temple has the longest corridors than other any Hindu temples in the world.The total length of the corridors is about 3850 feet.There are about 1212 pillars in the outer corridor and each are about 30 feet high.Many of those pillars are beautifully carved.
There are 64  tanks which are holy water bodies known as 'Theerthas' in and around Rameshwaram temple and bathing in them will remove the  sins,many sort of diseases etc is the belief.24 of these tanks are considered very important and 22 are situated in the temple complex itself.The first one which is the major one is called 'Agni Theertham' which  is the sea, Bay of Bengal.
There are separate Shrines for Lord Shiva and his consort Devi Parvathy who is called as 'Visalakshi' at this temple and is separated by a corridor.
Other shrines are 'Parvathavardhini,Ulsava Idols,Perumal and Mahaganapathy'.
There are various halls inside the temple such as 'Anuppu Mandapam,Sukravara Mandapam,Sethupathi Mandapam,Kalyana Mandapam and Nandi Mandapam'.
There are many festivals well celebrated annually in this very famous temple. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Places of Interest In Sivaganga District

Sivaganga District in Tamil Nadu State   was once the seat of power of the  great Marava Kings.There are several palaces and temples in this district which attracts tourists.
Chettinad is a place of charms located in Sivaganga district of Tamilnadu State and it is the native soil of the 'Nattukottai Chettiyars' a prosperous banking and business community.Karaikudi is the centre of the Sivaganga district.The Nattukottai Chettiyars also known as 'Nagarathars' traveled overseas to the South and South East Asian countries for business in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Chettiar Mansions
The homes in Chettinad areas are spectacular mansions and large number of them are still seen beside the streets of Karaikudi and nearby places.Some of those  traditional beautiful mansions are converted as hotels at present.Many of them are unbelievably beautiful with exquisitely decorated interiors with Belgium stained glass,marble,colored tiles,carved wooden pillars,carved and well designed door frames and doors.On the teak doors Gajalakshmi image (Goddess of wealth),and Poorna Kumbham (a brass pot with sprouting leaves indicating wealth) are engraved on them.These mansions have large number of windows and wooden pillars all with beautiful carvings.These mansions contained beautiful wooden antique furniture and other precious articles.They are also having beautiful chandeliers.There are also palaces like Chettinad palace in this place.
Chettinad which are roughly called for the  places around Karaikudi in Sivaganga district is also well known for their tasty  cuisine and have their own spicy vegetarian and non vegetarian famous dishes.
Anthagudi Tiles

In the Karaikudi region there are traditional cottage industry units which makes a special variety floor tiles that are unique and beautiful.They are cement tiles mixed with vegetable dyes and made with beautiful designs.They are still used widely and are very impressive.
Sivaganga Palace
It was built in 1730 and is also known as 'Gowri Vilasam'.It is in dilapidated condition at present and the only area intact is a 'Raja Rajeswari temple' which is inside the palace complex  which is  open to the public in the evenings and on auspicious days.
Kundrakudi Murugan Temple

Shri Shanmughanathar temple at Kundrakudi in Sivaganga district which is dedicated to Lord Subramanya Swamy is an ancient temple.Thaipoosam,10 days annual festival in Mar-April, Skantha Shasti etc are well celebrated.The temple is situated on a hilltop which is in the shape of a peacock and the hill name is 'Mayil Malai'(Peacock Hill).It is about 15 km from Karaikudi.
Kalayar Kovil-Sorna Kaleeswarar Temple
In this temple three deities are very important and the presiding deity is Lord Shiva.The temple is more than 1000 years old.
Karpaga Vinayagar Temple,Pillayarpatti
Pillayarpatti Ganesha temple is situated 14 km from Karaikudi and is more than 2500 years old.This is one of the 9 clan temples of the Chettiyar Community.

There are rock cut images of Lord Ganapathi and Lord Shiva in this temple.The sanctum sanctorum is a cave where 6 feet tall Ganesha image is carved inside.The idol has two arms and the trunk is curled to the right.The idol is covered with gold and the original idol can be witnessed during 'abhisheka' times.There are deities of 'Karthiyayani' who will bless for proper marriage alliance,Nagalingam, who gifts offspring and 'Pasupatheeswarar' who showers all wealth as per the belief of the devotees.

The Ganesh Chathurthi/Vinayaka Chaturthy is a 10 days annual festival of this temple.Large group of devotees attend the temple car festival during those days.
Ilayangudi Jain temple
Ilayangudi Jain temple is located at Ilaynagudi of Sivaganga District and the main deity is Lord Mahaveera.
Parswanatha Temple
Parswanatha temple is also a famous and old  Jain temple of Sivaganga district located at Anumanthakudi.This temple is dedicated to the Lord Parswanatha Theerthankara. 
Some other Famous Temples in Sivaganga District

 Saraswathi Temple at  Karaikudi,,Pulyarpatti temple,Sri Sasivarneswar Temple,Madapuram Kali Temple,Bhairavar Temple and many more famous as well as   beautiful temples are there  in this district.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tourist attractions of Theni District

Vaigai  Dam
Vaigai Dam is built across the River Vaigai and the beautiful majestic dam is situated near Aandipatti which is 14 km from Theni and 70 km from Madurai.The dam is 111 feet high and can hold 71 feet of water.

The park  at this place close to the dam  is very beautiful.
Devadanapathi Kamatchi Amman Kovil
This temple which is situated on the banks of the River Manjal has the peculiar feature such that the doors of the sanctum sanctorum are never opened and all the Pooja rituals are performed to the portals.
Mavoothu Vellappar temple 
The temple is 20 km from Aandipatti situated atop a peak which is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation.
Periya Kulam
Periya Kulam is a town area which is known for the 'Mango trees' which are cultivated largely and extensively and produces famous varieties of mangoes which are exported to foreign countries also.The old name of Periya Kulam was 'Kuzhanthai Maanagaram'.
Balasubramanya Swamy Temple
One of the important temple in Theni is  Arulmigu Balasubramanya Swamy temple in Periya Kulam.This majestic temple was built by Rajendra Chola nearly 2000 years ago.It is on the banks of the River Varaha.Devotees believe that any incurable disease will be cured if taken bath in the River close to the temple.

Kuchanur Saneeswaran Temple
The 'Saturn' or 'Saneeswaran Temple' at Kuchanur on the banks of the River Surabhi is dedicated to the 'Sani Bhagawan', the God of the celestial planet 'Saturn'.The idol is believed as 'Swayambhoo' (self manifested).The deity of this temple is also called as 'Kuchanooran'.
Kailasanathar Cave temple
There are 18 caves situated at Suruli  near Suruli waterfalls of Theni.Kailasanathar temple is  situated 800 m above sea level and has a spring which has water with medicinal properties.
Abubacker Masthan Dargah
This Dargah is an important place of worship in Suruli which is situated not far from the Kailasanathar temple.
Suruli Falls
The Suruli Falls which falls from a height of 150 feet is beautiful and this spectacular waterfall which gathers in a pool flows ahead and again falls to a depth of 40 feet which is a lovable sight.The forest area which surrounds the falls is also very beautiful with flora and fauna.There are bathing facilities in this water fall separate for men and women.It is a round the year waterfall.

Sothupparai Dam
This beautiful dam is built across the  Varaha River and is located 12 km from Periya Kulam.It is a beautiful picnic spot.
 Sri Kala Hastheeswara Temple and Sri Narasimha Swamy temple
Narasimhaswamy temple,Uthamapalayam
Sri Kalahastheeswara Temple,Uthamapalayam
The old Shiva temple 'Sri Kalahasteeswara Temple' also called as Dakshina Kalahasthi or Thenkalahasthi is situated at 'Uthama Palayam' and there is also an old and well famed Narasimha Swamy temple at this place.