Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gateway Of India And Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Gateway of India is one of the major tourist destination in Mumbai where large number of tourists visits everyday and locals gather in large numbers to enjoy the  cool breeze from the sea and as a leisure spot of choice.

This beautiful monument which combines Roman triumphant elements and 16th century architecture of Gujarat is also a combination of Hindu style and Muslim style.The decorations depicts Hindu style while the arches are of Muslim style.
It was constructed to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary  to India in 1911.
It is marked on the monument by inscription  that " Erected to commemorate the landing in India of their Imperial Majesties King George V and Queen Mary on the second of December 1911".
It is situated at the waterfront area of the Appolo Bunder in South Mumbai.
The structure is 85 feet high and and lies at the end of Chatrapathi Sivaji Marg.The monument is also referred as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai.
The building was finished in 1924.

The Elephanta Caves  are a network of sculpted caves which is attracted by large number of tourists.It is situated on 'Elephanta Island' which is locally known as 'Gharapuri' which lies 10km from the shore from Gateway of India.
A 50 minute ferry service which are available in plenty from Gateway of India 
is used to reach the island.
The attraction are ancient caves with full of beautiful sculptures which are 
believed to be of the period during 5th and 8th centuries.There are no inscriptions which  helps to find the original period of origin.
The site is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.
There are two groups of caves and the first is large group of five Hindu caves 
and the second which are smaller are of Buddhist group.
It is a must see tourist destination of Mumbai.Th caves are closed on Mondays.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai

Mahalaksmi Temple in Mumbai is a famous shrine visited by large number of devotees everyday.Popularity of this temple has reached to every nook and corner of India and abroad so that tourists also visit this holy shrine in large numbers.This famous temple is situated at 'Mahalakshmi' ( the name of the area of the temple is known as 'Mahalakshmi) on B.Desai Road,Breach Candy, at the seashore on the northern side of Malabar Hills.

The temple was initially consecrated in the year 1785 and the idol of Mahalakshmi Devi was found from the sea.It is said that  while the work was going ahead of connecting Mahalakkshmi area with Worli by making Breach Candy, Engineers could not succeed in that work with unforeseen  problems and disasters and were on the brink to put off with the plan.One day the Chief Engineer had a dream in which Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared before him and said that if a temple for her would be constructed  at the current spot of the temple, his problems regarding the work  would be solved.Furthermore she instructed him to search for an idol which was told immersed in the sea and that spot was also shown to him.

The Engineer with the help of his workers searched the sea part where he was told that the idol of Lakshmi Devi was present, and they could recover it from the sea.A temple for Goddess Mahalakshmi was constructed at the place near seashore and her idol was consecrated there in the year 1785.The work of Breach Candy could be carried out smoothly  without any further problems.The present structure of the temple was made in the year 1831 by a wealthy merchant.
Idols of Goddess Kali and Saraswathi are also enshrined here but the principal
Deity is Goddess Mahalakshmi and the temple is known in her name.
The bejeweled idols of the three Goddess augment the spiritual aura of the temple.The beautiful idols of Goddesses are adorned with nose rings,gold bangles,necklaces etc.Mahalakshmi Devi is depicted as riding a tiger and a demon 'Mahishasura'.
Beyond the ornated gate is the shrine wherein resides the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity 'Mahalakshmi Devi' for which the devotees bring floral garlands,coconuts and sweets and offer to her.The compound of the temple has abundant shops selling flower garlands and other pious paraphernalia.
'Navarathri' is celebrated in a grand manner in this temple during which very large crowds gather during those days to get a glimpse of the Devi and get her blessings.It is believed that for an ardent devotee Mahalaksmi Devi would bless to make his wishes fulfilled.
During Mavarathri days this   temple will be   beautifully decorated and people from all parts of Maharashtra and from other Indian states( from abroad also) visit the temple  in large numbers and wait in long queues to have her 'Darsan'.The long queue can be seen here on weekend days also when large flocks of people visit this temple.
The temple is open on all days and can be reached from any part of Mumbai by Bus,Auto rickshaw,Taxi etc.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

St.Michael's Church, Mahim, Mumbai

St.Michael's Church,Mahim,Mumbai  is popular as 'Mahim Church' and is visited by large number of devotees everyday.People of all faiths visits this holy shrine which is one of the oldest churches in Mumbai.The Church is near to Dadar and Bandra and is easily accessible by road and by suburban train.There is a railway station at Mahim.The BEST Bus depot at Mahim is only a few yards away from the Church.The Church is situated on the intersection of L.J.Road and Mahim Causeway.
The original church was started in the year 1534 and thereafter it was rebuilt several times.The present structure was constructed in 1973.
Mahim Church is famous for the 'Novena Masses' held here on all Wednesdays in English,Hindi,Marathi,akonkani and Tamil  Languages and thousands and thousands of people participate in these Novena services.There are thirteen Novena masses held on each Wednesdays.It is believed that if a devotee participate in these holy mass consecutively for nine weeks(nine Wednesdays) one of their genuine wish would be fulfilled.People offer flowers,flower garlands etc to the Virgin Mary and pray for their needs humbly.Many people offer wax models of their wish; for example they need a house a wax model of a house  will be submitted, and if a car a wax model of a car and so on.The church is open on all days from morning 6.30 to night and an average of 40-50,000 devotees visit the church weekly.
The weekly Novena services were started in the church from 1948, when Fr.Edward Placidus Fernandes from Mumbai noticed similar ritual celebrating 
'Our Lady of Perpetual Succour' at Belfast.He brought with him a similar picture just like the same 'Our Lady of Perpetual Succour' at Rome.
On the 8th of September 1948, the first Novena Service was started in the Mahim Church.

'Our Lady of the Mount' Bandra

The Christmas Mass conducted in this church also attractws large number of devotees.
This Church gave refuge to 'Our Lady of the Mount' a picture of Virgin Mary believed to have been rescued from a popular Chapel at Bandra which was later destroyed by the Portuguese under British bidding.'Our Lady of the Mount' was kept here from 1739 to 1761.
On June 27, 2008 some red spots were noticed on the portrait of Lord Jesus Christ and news flashed that there was 'bleeding' on the portrait so that thousands of people gathered in.But on further investigation it was clarified as it happened naturally because of monsoon humidity and changes in the air quality.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah is well famous in Mumbai and a landmark  of Mumbai City which is visited by large number of devotees and tourists every day.It is situated on a small islet  which is about 500 meters away from the Worli Bay and in the vicinity of Worli in Mumbai.It is constructed on the islet in the middle of the Arabian Sea and a causeway which is roughly 1 km connects it to the shore, Lala Lajpatrai Marg.
Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most religious places of Mumbai and is visited by people of all sorts, irrespective of religion,cast or creed.The Darga is the complex housing the tomb of the Muslim Saint Sayed  Pir  Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A).
Along with the tomb there is also a Masjid at Haji Ali.
Lakhs of people visit the Dargah on the second day of Ramadan Eid and Bakrid.There will be very heavy rush on these times at the Dargah Sharif.
People from all parts of the world visit this Dargah and offer their prayers for the blessings of Saint Sayed  Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari(R.A).They all gather here to get fulfill their wishes for  wealth,health,children,marriage and all sorts of genuine needs which are all granted to the devotees by the Saint.

The Darga Sharif is accessed by a causeway made on the sea which will also be a pleasant feeling and experience to walk on it. 
Haji Ali Dargah is a must see place in Mumbai.The Dargah was constructed in 1431.
On Thursdays and Fridays at least 40000 people visit this holy Shrine.