Thursday, March 21, 2013


Karikkakom Chamundi Devi Temple is a renowned ancient temple of Thiruvananthapuram City which attracts millions of devotees every year.
Chamundi Devi, which is another form of Mother Goddess or Kali is worshipped here.
The rare fact about this temple is that Chamundi Devi is worshipped here in three different forms- Chmundi, Raktha Chamundi, and Bala Chamundi.
Chamundi Devi itself is considered as a fierce form of Kali, but the same Chamundi Devi is adorned here in three different forms in three different Sanctums situated adjacently. An Idol of the Devi is existing in the extreme left main Sanctum which will be open from 5.00 A.M to 11.15A.M and in the evening 4.30 P.M to 8.00 P.M.The Sanctum of Raktha Chamundi and Bala Chamundi does not have idols but only mural painting but the powerful Devi presence is existing there and will be opened only for 'Pooja Offerings' as per daily routine and for Pooja Offerings of devotees as per their request.Devotees can pay special charges to open those Sanctums and perform  their Offerings.
The Karikkakom temple has historical importance since this temple was utilized  during Maharaja reign to prove the truth of certain crimes.The accused culprits were brought to the temple and they were allowed to proclaim their innocence in front of 'Raktha Chamundeswari's Sanctum'.It was believed that if the accused argue a false statement saying that he was innocent he would be severely punished by the Devi.So nobody dare to say a lie in front of the deity.
The Chamundi  Devi form which is existing  open always during temple hours is considered as in a calm state where as 'Raktha Chamundi' is considered as fierce, but helps devotees to fulfil their wishes and Bala Chamundi Devi is in Childhood form.If Offerings are given to Raktha Chamundi Devi and prayed,  she will remove our obstacles,problems caused by enemies,cures chronic ailments etc.Bala Chamundi by giving offerings will help devotees without children to have a child of their own,cures ailments of children etc.Couples without a child worship Bala Chamundi Devi and present articles like 'Cradles,toys' etc also to get blessing for a child.
All the Sanctums of this temple are facing towards east is another peculiarity.
There are Sanctums of 'Maha Ganapathy and Bala Ganapathy' in this temple.
Other sub deities are 'Lord Sastha,Yakshi Amma, Aayiravally,Nagar' etc.
Outside the compound wall exists 'Nagar Kavu' where serpent Gods are worshipped.Devotees visit there to get relief from 'Sarpa Dosha' and the childless couples pray for getting a child.
There are other two temples nearby connected to this temple known as 'Anna Poorneswari temple and 'Tharavadu temple'.
At Karikkakom temple important offerings are 'Kadum Payasam(Sweetened rice),Aravana(another form of sweetened rice with ghee),and Thrimadhuram(a mixture of ghee,sugar and banana).Pooja such as 'Sathru Samhara Pooja,Sathru Samhara Puspanjali, presenting red coloured silk to Devi, presenting ornaments in gold and silver, giving garlands of jasmine etc, are offered by devotees..For prosperity devotees offer 'Sarvalankara Pooja' which is very auspicious.
The annual festival is in the month of Meenam(March-April) for seven days and this year's ANNUAL FESTIVAL IS IN FULL SWING NOW.The festival was started on Monday 18 March 2013, and finishes on Sunday, 24th March 2013.
There will be 'Ponkala Offering' (preparing sweet rice in earthen pots in open places near the temple premises which extends to 2-3 km around the temple)
by several thousand women devotees on 24 th Sunday 2013.The idol of Devi is carried out in a golden chariot around the temple on 22  March 2013 and thousands of devotees gather to witness it.

For devotees coming from National Highway can turn from world market junction and go via Vazhavila,For others Palayam-Pettah-Chakka Bypass route can be taken.EastFort-Eenchakkal-Bypass road can also be selected to reach the temple.From Trivandrum city the temple is just 7 km away.

Friday, March 8, 2013


When one gets bored with the rush and hustle city life and wishes to go to a pleasant serene beautiful place to spend an evening, Madavoorpara would be a best preference. 
Madavoorpara is conveniently located 17km from Thiruvanathapuram City and recently attracting many tourists.There is an 1800 feet high rock and the view from top of it is thrilling.The cool breeze and view of the distant sea, changing colours of the evening sky,the surrounding greenery  are all exhilarating.
There is a 1300 years old rock cut cave temple atop the rock which is the major attraction of Madavoorpara.This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and large number of devotees visit this temple every day.
Shivratri is celebrated in a grand manner in this cave temple and for this event also many people from far and near visit this place.
The temple is protected by State Archaeology Department.
A perennial stream forms a pond which has a compound wall and is known as 'Ganga Theertham'.
For attracting tourists, a long and beautiful bamboo bridge is built here which fascinates all visitors.Bamboo huts are also made for visitors to relax.There is also a children's park on top of the rock.
Though surrounded by rubber plantations and it is a lonely area, this is a safe place for families to visit.
The charm and exquisite beauty of this place is quite wonderful.
To reach Madavoorpara there are two main route from Trivandrum City.
The first one is Chempazhanthi-Potherncode route from Sreekaryam.One will reach Kattayikonam after 7 km.Madavoorpara temple sign board can be seen towards right.

The second route is Powdikonam-Pothencode route from Sreekaryam.Travel 8km to reach Santhipuram and take left turn.Go 2km to reach the site.The advantage of this route is that you  don't have to climb up the rock.