Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Cheraman Juma Masjid, situated at Kodungallur , 37 km away from Thrissur of Kerala State is believed to be the first Juma Masjid in India which was built in 629 A.D.It is the second oldest mosque in the world to offer Jumu'ah prayers.
                            This mosque faces east is a speciality.The mosque is also  open to people of all religions and so many devotees of other religions visit this mosque throughout the year.There is a brass oil lamp in this Masjid which  is kept lighted for more than 1000 years.For this continuously burning lamp oil is brought as an offering by devotees of all communities.For initiation of  children's learning people from all communities bring their children here as a belief, that it would be beneficial  for the betterment of the children's  education.
This mosque was built by 'Malik Bin Deenar  and Malik Bin Habeeb' in 629 A.D.
Malik Bin Deenar was one of the 13  followers of Prophet Mohammad  and he reached the old port of Musuris( present Kodungallur) in 629 A.D.The ruler of that region Cheraman Perumal who was a Hindu, embraced Islam and went to Mecca for pilgrimage.On his return to Kerala he fell  ill and died at Salalah in Sultanate of Oman.On his deathbed he wrote a letter to be given to his relatives in Kerala in which he instructed to allow Malik Bin Deenar and others to construct mosques and  to preach Islam in his Kingdom.Thus a mosque was constructed at Kodungallur which was named as 'Cheraman Juma Masjid'.Many parts of the old Masjid is still kept intact and it contains the old brass  lamps, rosewood carvings etc.There are tombs of 'Malik Bin Deenar' and his sister in this mosque.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Sheikh Masjid at Karunagapally is designed like the Taj Mahal
and hence known as 'Taj Mahal of Kerala'.

3000 devotees can offer Namaz at a time in this beautiful Masjid.

Sheikh Masjid is conveniently located on the western side
of NH 47  near Karunagapally Junction.

The area of this Masjid is 8000 sq.feet.The dome is hemispherical.