Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Many of us think that Lord Krishna was not perfect in childhood and youthful days since he displayed so many pranks during childhood and had  intense relationship with with so many 'gopikas' of Vrindavan in his youthful days.Many of us also think that he had 16108 wives also.These statements are  to an extent correct but sensibly  wrong.Krishna kept his celibacy strictly till his marriage and he did not have any kind of sexual relationship with the 'gopikas' was the truth.Krishna when became the ruler of Dwaraka he defeated Demon  Narakasura and freed 16100 girl captives which he had in his cellars.Krishna married all of them to provide them dignity to live in the society otherwise the society would have rejected them according to the social laws of that period.That marriage was for just name sake but he never lived with any of them.He had but eight other wives including Rugmini and Sathyabhama and had 10 children in each of them.
At Vrindavan in his childhood and youthful days 'Radha' who was the daughter of 'Vrishabhanu' was always his consort and she had deep intense love towards him and Krishna also loved her vibrantly.Their love reached a stage such that both could not be separated.Their romance is depicted in texts,poems,songs,paintings and sculptures which are all popular throughout India.Like Radha, so many other gopis which numbered more than thousand also were in deep love towards Krishna.They all desired to hug him, kiss him,
to have sweet confabulation with him and so on.The girls made a statue of Goddess Parvathy on the banks of river Yamuna  and prayed everyday to fulfil their desires.At last Krishna selected a full moon day to have them enjoy with him till dawn.Each and every gopika had the feeling that Krishna was with her for the whole night engaged in all kinds of love acts which  every one  of them  thought as real.It was but only a 'Maya' (illusion) created in their minds by Lord  Krishna.That night is known as 'Raas Leela' night.Later Krishna but allowed Radha to merge in him.Radha combined with Krishna and Krishna became 'Radha Krishna'.Radha's love towards Krishna was an interpretation of true devotion, the ambition to merge with the eternal truth-the almighty.That ambition was fulfilled by Lord Krishna.The love of gopikas could also be  categorized in the same manner.It was a form of deep devotion.
After some period Krishna wanted to disclose the truth to gopikas that he did not have any sexual relationship with them on 'Raas Leela' day but it was a mere illusion.He but knew that they would not believe his words because the feeling given to  the girls were  that much real.So he had some other plans.
One day Krishna said to the gopikas that Sage Durvasa was staying temporarily on the other bank of river Yamuna and asked them to go to meet him and get his blessings.The girls obeyed him and all of them carried with them either sweets or fruits to present to the sage.When the girls reached the bank of the river, there was no boat available to cross the river.Suddenly Krishna reached there and said to the girls to tell the  river Yamuna that 'if Krishna 
was a celibate till to that date kindly provide passage'.The girls said to the river as instructed by Lord Krishna.Suddenly a miracle happened.The river got separated by providing a passage.Water stood as high walls on both sides of the passage.The girls walked to the other bank safely through the passage and the river joined as previously and flowed as if nothing happened. 
The girls found the ashram nearby and met Sage Durvasa.They presented their gifts of sweets and fruits at his feet.The Sage became very happy.He ate all the fruits and sweets then and there to the girl's astonishment.He spoke to them nicely and blessed  them all.When the girls  bid farewell to him the sage also accompanied them to the river bank.This time also there was no boat available to cross the river.
Durvasa  sage told the girls to say the river that 'if Sage Durvasa eats only the juice of Bermuda grass kindly give pavement to cross the river'.The girls said as told to them and the river got separated like before and they walked to the other bank safely and reached Vrindavan.
The girls were but in utter confusion.They saw the sage eating large quantity of fruits and sweets in front of them.But the river agreed that he eats only the juice of Bermuda grass(Cynadon dactylon-also known as 'Durva grass','Arugampul'  or  'Karuka').Like that on 'Raas Leela' day Krishna had all kinds of physical  contacts with the girls which each one of the girls were very sure of.Even the thoughts about that night  turns them blushed.But the river agreed that Krishna was a celibate till to that day.How could these facts be true.They asked to Lord Krishna itself.
Lord Krisha clarified the truth.Sage Durvasa strictly followed ascetic way of life by avoiding all worldly pleasures.He utilized his power of penance such that what ever food he ate  would taste as 'Bermuda grass juice' only. When taking food received  as alms from others he might  comment the food as tasty to make them feel happy  but he was feeling  the bitter  and sour taste of grass always.
Krishna also revealed the truth that he was a celibate till to that date and  he did not have sexual contacts with any of the  gopikas. He said that the girls were given illusion of the mind on Raas Leela day but it was not real.

When the gopikas understood the truth their love towards Krishna did not minimize but boosted  up only and their minds were longing for another reunion with him.