Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The great furious war between 'Kauravas' and 'Pandavas' was just over by Pandavas becoming victorious.Due to the heavy losses on both sides there was not much reason for celebration to Pandavas since many of the eminent
people died in the war on Kaurava side were  relatives,teachers and friends to
them also.
But as a custom of that period there used to arrange a public function in an open ground after the war to glorify the winners.Such a 'triumphal Ceremony' 
was arranged at 'Kurukshetra' to honour the victorious warriors and large crowd of people gathered in allegiance to see  and express their love towards them.
The warriors arrived one by one and Arjuna also arrived in his chariot which was lead by Lord Krishna.Lord Krishna was brother of Arjuna's wife Subhadra and ruler of 'Dwaraka'.At that period itself he was respected by all people
and was a tremendous charismatic personality.
The custom followed in the triumphal ceremony was that the Charioteer would get down from the chariot, give a shake hand and then a helping hand to the warrior to get down.
Arjuna's ambition was the same to get honoured by Lord Krishna by this same way in the  presence of the gathered people.He sat in the chariot expecting Krishna to get down first and to extend a hand for him to get down.Krishna understood the
feeling of Arjuna but asked Arjuna to get down immediately.Arjuna obliged
to Krishna's order and got down suddenly.Krishna too got down very fast making sure Arjuna got down safely.At that moment the Chariot got blazed 
and Arjuna was shocked and stunned to see the rising flames from his chariot.The gathered
crowd were also looking at the scene with wonder.
In the war of Kurukshetra Krishna participated under an agreement that he would not directly involve in the war and not handle any weapon by  himself.
But the war was won by Pandavas by following the intellectual instructions from him during the course of the war.Lord Hanuman Swamiji's help was in the 
Kurukshetra war to Pandavas  by his immense 'power presence' on the flag of Arjuna's Chariot.Since Arjuna was the hero on Pandava side, he was the centre figure for all the enemies who all  tried to kill him on several occasions during the war.
The devilish powers sent by enemies to him and his Chariot by arrows  could not do any harm because of the protective powers of Hanuman Swami.
This fact was well known to Lord Krishna and he insisted Arjuna to get down from the Chariot prior to him.He knew that since the war was over, the powers
of Hanuman Swami would leave the Chariot at that moment and made a hurry to Arjuna to get down.When Lord Krishna also got down, suddenly the devilish
powers in ambush acted fast and the chariot turned to ashes in a few seconds.
Arjuna understood that Lord Krishna saved his life in that instance also and he 
apologized to Lord Krishna in anguish.

Krishna but praised Arjuna for his valour during the war and the gathered people greeted him with cheers and acclamation.