Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chengamanadu Mahadeva Temple and Munikkal Guhalayam

Chengamanadu is a beautiful place of Ernakulam District in Kerala which lies
30 km north of Kochi.
The present Cochin International Airport is situated in Chengamanadu Panchayat.This place is only 12 km from Aluva, and 7 km from Angamali. The most important pilgrimage centres here are 'Munikkal Guhalayam' which is a Lord Muruga temple and the Mahadeva Temple(Lord Shiva temple) which attracts devotees and tourists in large numbers.
Munikkal Guhalayam

Munikkal Guhalayam is a cave temple situated atop a 100 feet high rocky hill 
situated in a serene, beautiful forest like place filled with plenty of big trees.
It is believed that a Sage by name 'Jangaman' performed penance in this cave
2000 years ago.It is also believed that even the place name derived from the
Sage's name.Jangamanadu(place of 'Jangama') became Chengamanadu.
The temple name also suits well.'Munikkal' means rock of the sage.
'Guhan' is yet another name of 'Subramanya Swamy' and so the temple name 'Munikkal Guhalayam' suits well as the temple of 'Guhan' on the rock of Muni(Sage Jangama).In another sense 'Guha' is cave and the meaning of 'Guhalayam' is 'Cave temple'.
The rocks on the hill looks like the shape of an elephant holding its trunk upwards.On one of the rocks is situated Lord Ganesha Shrine and the idol is
'Swayanbhoo'(Self originated).
The main deity of this temple is 'Lord Muruga'(Lord Subramanya) and the idol was consecrated by 'Chattambi Swamikal' in the presence of 'Sree Narayana Guru' in the year 1898.later it was clarified that there exists the presence of
Lord Shiva also and therefore he was also consecrated in the same Sanctum.
Thus the speciality is that Lord Shiva's deity and Lord Subramanya's deity is
existing in the same Sanctum which is  seen very rare.
So many devotees come to this temple every month on 'Shashti' day for visiting Lord Muruga and performing 'Shashti observances'.The devotees has to reach the temple on the previous day and make arrangements for their observances for the 'Shashti Vrat'.It is well famous that the Lord Subramanya of this Cave Temple bless the devotees whose marriage is delayed because

of various reasons by performing 'Shashti Vrat' here.The marriage of such devotees will happen without any more delay.
By breaking coconut in front of the Ganapathi's deity and praying to him the  delay or obstacles concerning any matter will be removed.Any function can be performed smoothly by getting blessing from Lord Ganapathy.'Ottayappam' is another offering done for Ganapathi in this temple.The annual festival is in the month of 'Makaram'(Jan-Feb) for three days.
Mahadeva Temple
The Lord Shiva temple(Mahadeva Temple)  at Chengamanadu is an important
Shiva temple of Ernakulam District.
The deity Shiva of this temple is supposed as   'Kiratha Murthi' form and 
the Shrine is facing in the  eastern direction.
There is deity of Parvathy Devi facing in the  western direction and Lord Ganapathy facing south.
The annual festival is held in the month of 'Dhanu' (Dec-Jan) for ten days.
Flag hoisting is done on 'Chathayam star' day and Araattu will he held on
'Thiruvathira star' day. 'Ulsava Bali' is done by devotees as the main offering here during the festival period.