Friday, September 21, 2012

Sage Durvasa

In the Holy Book Bhagavat Geetha, God says that the soul is eternal and when  we  die, nothing  harmful  happens to the soul  and  it takes rebirth.If there is birth there is death also.Every living thing has to die is the universal law.This law applies to incarnations of God also.Bhagwan Krishna revealed this truth by his life.
When Sree Krishna was ruling Dwaraka Kingdom, Sage Durvasa arrived at the Palace one day.He requested Lord Krishna that he need Lunch that day noon.He asked Krishna for the  arrangements for his meal and  said meanwhile he would come after taking bath in the nearby river.
Krishna was living happily with his eight wives at the magnificently beautiful Dwaraka Palace during  those days.When the Sage went for taking bath Krishna noticed fear on the faces of his wives since they knew very well the character of Sage Durvasa.
Sage Durvasa was the Son of 'Atri Maharshi' and Anasooya. He possessed several divine powers  which he secured from penance.Some believed that he was incarnation of Lord Shiva itself.The Sage could be propitiated easily and was short tempered also.He had the habit of  becoming  furious with anger very easily.If some thing went  wrong  against his will and liking he used to curse which obviously used to happen real for the victim 
as he wished.
Sage Durvasa and Shakuntala
Krishna's wives prepared the dishes very fast and Lord Krishna himself went to the Kitchen to watch  the preparations.He complimented his wives that from the appealing smell of the dishes itself  he was quite sure that the dishes would be very tasty and the Sage would be very happy.Krishna's wives became relieved of their anxiety and fear whether they would be able to please the Sage with the food.The fear  vanished from their minds by Krishna's compliment.
Sage arrived after his bath and prayers and Sree Krishna received him with respect, love and affection.He was offered seat on a Golden throne and feast was served by Krishna and his eight wives together.Krishna waved a hand-fan for his comfort  while he was having the feast.The sage enjoyed the tasty meal very much which was evident from his face expression.When he was just finished his meal Sage Durvasa  handed over a glass of 'Payasam'(Porridge) to Sree Krishna and asked him to apply it all over  his body then and there.Sree Krishna who knew the Past,present and future applied the 'Payasam' all over his body standing in front of the Sage but he purposely  omitted his feet which the sage did not notice.The Sage thought that Krishna applied it all over his body and felt impressed and happy.He said to Krishna that it would work as an invisible armour for him  and no weapon of any kind  would  be able to hurt him throughout his life .Sage Durvasa  went back  happily after blessing all of them.
After many years when Sree Krishna felt it was time for his death he went to the forest and sat under a tree meditating.A hunter by name 'Jara' when looked through the bushes mistook his foot as the neck of a deer and shot his arrow which pierced Krishna's foot.When the hunter arrived  near Krishna he was shocked to see what had  happened and with full of tears he fell at Krishna's feet.Krishna revealed the truth that in the previous birth the hunter was 'Vaali' and Krishna was Sree Rama.Sree Rama killed Vaali  with his arrow  which marked his death  and in this birth this action of 'Jara'  was unavoidable as well as inevitable.
After the Kurukshetra war when Sree Krishna met Gandhari to say his condolences  because all her 100 children were killed  in the battle, Gandhari cursed Krishna for not stopping the battle earlier.Krishna could not stop the war earlier  because his mission was to establish peace by eradicating evil.Krishna was sure that by  Gandhari's curse all the members of his dynasty would die at the time predicted by Gandhari.

Krishna  avoided his feet for applying Porridge as per Sage Durvasa's instruction because he was maintaining space for arrow of  'Jara' the hunter  for his death in due course and permitting the law of 'nature' in this Universe happen  for him also.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Purity of Life and Faith in God

Some people are leading  harmonious life luxuriously while many others are suffering.We may feel this as injustice from the part of God but according to Hindu belief this discrimination is because of the deeds we have performed in our previous birth/s.
Many fortunate people think that their wealthy possessions are all the result of their hard work but if they look around they could understand that many others who work harder and are  more intellectual  than them may be  living   in poverty.So those who are fortunate in all ways should thank God  and should stretch a helping hand to the less fortunate  instead of teasing them and  being pride and  selfish. They should try to help at least a few people who are struggling to make both ends meet.
By praying God the misfortunes can be changed to any extent and by God's will any  kind of transformations are possible to change our destiny.
We have to be hard working,be kind and helpful to others, and be thankful to God always for the favours we are enjoying.Praying and remembering God will bring in good rewards. God is very kind that  even if  we do not pray him but remember him unknowingly also ,   still he will bless us if our deeds are virtuous.
Once there lived a farmer by name 'Gopal'  in a village who worked hard from morning to evening in his small farm.He lead a life like an atheist since he never prayed to God but he had several  good habits.  Gopal was always  supportive to his family members,helped poor people  in his locality even though his earnings were  comparatively very  less than rich people , he respected  Priests and learned men  etc.
One day a Sanyasi(Monk) who was a traveller arrived at his residence  in the evening and requested   shelter for him to stay  during that  night.Gopal received  and talked to him with respect, allotted him a room in the house,provided him vegetarian good food for supper and next day for  breakfast also.When Sanyasi was about to leave next day morning  after  his breakfast, Gopal asked Sanyasi an advice for making his life more comfortable and  better.Sanyasi immediately answered to Pray God for his blessing but it was rejected by Gopal. He was not ready to pray God for any kind of wishes.Sanyasi closed his eyes and thought for a moment.He knew that Gopal was a humanitarian and  a hard working person except that he did not remember God and  never used to pray to him.
Sanyasi opened his eyes and asked Gopal to meet a firm devotee of God everyday before lunch as a custom from next day onwards which would be beneficial to him.
Gopal from next day onwards visited 'Ramu',    living nearby who was a potter by profession and a highly devoted person.Ramu   used to visit the "Village temple' in the morning and evening every day.He always wore sacred ash and sandalwood paste on his forehead.Gopal started  to go to Ramu's  house daily at noon while coming  back from his farm, and said Hello to Ramu.  Then only he  proceeded to his home for lunch.
Several days passed by in this regard.One day when Gopal reached Ramu's residence at noon  he was not there.On enquiry he was told that Ramu went to the clay field near the river to bring clay for making pots.Gopal had to search for a long time to find  Ramu since he was not knowing exactly  from which place  Ramu was excavating the clay.At last when he found him working  in a pit  on the clay field he exclaimed happily in a loud voice "Oh I have Seen".When Ramu heard these words he turned back and suddely his face turned pale.He did not utter any words.Gopal also said anything else but smiled at Ramu and hurried home since he was feeling very much hungry.

When Gopal just finished his meal, he was astonished to find Potter Ramu waiting  at his lawn and was anxious to know why he came there urgently.Potter Ramu invited Gopal outside to the lawn and said secretly. " Dear friend, I knew that you have seen everything. Actually nobody else knew about this.Please do not reveal this to anybody.While digging  out clay I got two big jars containing Gold.You came to the spot while I was examining the jars.I think this is a blessing of God.I am financially very  poor and you are also not rich.If the authorities come to know about this treasure  we will have to hand over the jars to them.So kindly keep this as a secret.I will give you one full  jar of Gold.Please come to my house and I will give it now itself."
Gopal was delighted to hear these words.Actually he did not notice what Ramu was doing  in the clay field or  the jars of Gold.When he met Ramu in side the pit after a long search, in a relief he just exclaimed " Oh I Have seen" but Ramu thought he saw him excavating two jars which contained Gold.Gopal felt very happy and received the full jar of Gold from Ramu.
Thus Gopal became rich and lived in luxury from there on.He was not knowing that his destiny was changed by God for unknowingly remembering him everyday.He was blessed fast to lead a prosperous life because he was not selfish, he was not pride, he was not arrogant or aggressive, he was hard working,he respected Priests and learned people, he supported his family and other poor people in the locality.
After becoming rich also Gopal did not deviate from his virtuous path of life
but did not pray to God.