Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 The Panduranga temple in Thennangur near Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu State of India
differs entirely from other South Indian temple in looks and architecture.
The temple is dedicated to deities Panduranga and Rukumayi (Lord Krishna and Rukmini Devi)
and is a pilgrimage center of prominence.
This enormous and egregiously beautiful temple is situated in a serene place away from all
City crowds and gives a pleasant and calm atmosphere which will feel lovely to all devotees.
The temple premises, building and compound are all well kept neatly and beautifully.
The temple compound is attractive with flowering garden.
The gigantic entrance tower (Gopuram)  and outer structure of the temple resembles
'Puri'  'Jagannath Temple' of Orissa.
The entrance tower structure is 120 feet high and on the pinnacle of it 9 feet high divine
Golden 'Kalasam' is consecrated.Saffron color flag flies on the 'Gopuram' like North Indian style.
After entering the entrance Gopuram spacious 'Mandapa' can be seen.It is also quite big and
decorated with a large number of mural paintings.
From the Mandapa itself the deities of Panduranga and Rukumayi can be seen since the deities
are of 10.5 feet and 8.5 feet tall respectively.
The deities are decorated (Alamkaram) with different costumes and ornaments on six days of a week like
that of 'Balaji Temple of Thirupathi'.
For example on all  Saturdays the deity is decorated as 'Thirupathi Venkitachalapathi Swamy'.
On every Sundays  they are decorated in Rajasthan Style costumes and ornaments and a Rajasthan type turban is also worn to the Panduranga deity.
Once in an year the deity is decorated as 'Guruvayoorappan'.
Once in an year the deities are decorated with fruits of many kinds and thousands of fruits are
used for it.Finally the devotees will be  Marvelous to watch and devotees feel very much impressed  to see that decoration.
The decoration of the deities is known as 'Kalyana Ulsavam.'On the Gokulashtami day several types of attractive 'alamkaram' are done.
The temple has attachments of dining hall where free meals are served to the devotees
every day.
The temple runs an Institute to teach Hindu religious subjects and 'Vedas' for the aspirants
free of cost.
The temple also run an Old age home  for elderly people who are not looked after by 
their relatives.
There is a free Medical Clinic also run by the temple trust.
These activities are carried out by the funds collected from rich devotees and utilized for
the temple rituals, for the welfare of the poor and for the needs of the devotees.
Here the devotees are in a happy joyous mood and they sings and dance gleefully praising
the good graces of God and glorify him.This was the motif (Nama Sankeerthanam) of establishing this temple 
by Swami Haridas Giri who was the principal disciple of Swami Gnananda Giri Swami of
Tapovanam(Near Tirukoilur).
The main Gopuram is of Jagannatha temple style, the 'Raja Gopuram' is of South Indian
'Chola Style' and the presiding deities here are from Maharashtra.
National oneness and integration is denoted here by Swami Haridas Giri.
In the month of 'Adi'(June/July)  "Brahmotsavam" is celebrated here with special bhajans
mornings and evenings and the idols taken around the streets in procession.Brahmotsavam
will be celebrated for five days  every year.
Thennangur is believed as the birth place of Maduai
Meenakshi Devi.
There are other temples also in Thennangur and
Lakshmi Narayana temple is very famous which is
visited by the pilgrims to this place.

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