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Haripad Sree Subramanya Swamy Temple

There are so many ancient and important Subramanyaswamy Temples in Kerala.The Bala Subramanya Temple of Cheriyanadu in Chengannur is more than 2000 years old.The most important three Subramanya Temples  in Travancore Cochin Malabar areas were,Payyannur,Haripad, and Kumara Kovil out of which Kumara Kovil is now in Tamil Nadu.So Haripad and Payyannur are the most important Temples in this category now in Kerala..The temple which we see at Haripad is more than 1000 years old but when it was actually  established is not known.The temple was renovated several times by several Maharajas during their reign periods.

Haripad temple is known as 'Dakshina Palani' and this temple Deity  was famous as 'Hari Geetha Puresan'.Those who visit this temple will get the blessing of Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga.It is believed that the presence and energy of Shiva and Vishnu is here.When Subramanya Swamy Killed 'Tharakasura' all the Demi-Gods under the leadership of Lord Vishnu gladly greeted him at Haripad and praised  him with songs and 'Sthotras' and so the place name derived as 'Harigeetha Puram'.Since Lord Vishnu came to this place it is also said as 'Haripada Puram(His foot prints are still seen there).
There are three festivals in every year at Haripad temple for 10 days each in Chingam,Dhanu and Medam is  something special which is not seen in any other Subramanya temples.There are three festivals each at Kottayam Thirunakkara Temple and Thrippunithura Purnathrayeesa Temple, Two festivals are there annually at Thiruvananthapuram Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, 28 Days consecutive festival from Dhanu Thirvathira to Makaram Thiruvathira at Chengannur Mahadeva Temple.  At Haripad Subramanya Swamy Temple  with all the rituals of Flag Hoisting , Aarattu etc Aavani Festival,Markazhy Festival and Chithira Festival are celebrated.For  Aavany Festival importance is given to Lord Vishnu,for Markazhy festival importance is given to Lord Shiva and for Chithira festival importance is given for Lord Subramanya.Chithira Festival which is given more importance  to Subramanya Swamy is celebrated in a grand scale every year.
The Deity of Haripad Temple is 6 feet tall and beautiful made out of 'Krishna Sila'(Black Stone) and having four hands.The  Idol was received from Kayamkulam lake  and  recovered  it due to the dream about it to the temple committee people at the same time on a same day.In the dream they had a vision that at a spot in the lake some flowers could be seen and by searching it they got the idol.The Idol was brought by Payipadu river as a procession of so many boats and  canoes  and  from next year on wards 'Payippad Boat Race' started to commemorate this event.
Haripad temple is very beautiful and the temple compound is more than 5 acres.The temple pond is the largest of all temples in Kerala and also is more than 5 acres.The Golden Flagstaff of this Temple is the highest one than any other temple in Kerala .The sanctum is made of stone, round shaped and covered with copper.There is a "Koothambalam' adorned with precious sculptures and carvings.
The vehicle of Subramanya Swamy, Peacocks are kept inside a building here.
The main Offerings to the Deity are  'Thula Payasam,Panchamritham,Kalabhabhishekam,Pushpabhishekam,Thrimadhuram,Sahasra Namarchana etc.
The sub deities in this temple are Dakshina Moorthy,Maha Ganapathy,Gosala Krishnan,Sastha,Yakshi,Kuruthy Kaman, and Panchami.
The unction of the Deity with Panchamritham which is a  grind  mixture of Ghee,Kadali plantain,Dried grapes,Honey,Candy and Jaggery (Molasses)  is an auspicious offering  done by the devotees.
Apart from the main three festivals, all 'Samkrama' days, Thrikkarthika of Vrichikam month,Thaipooyam,Anizham day of Edavam Month,Niraputhari and Navarathri are celebrated here.

Payippad  Boat race

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