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Thripangottu Temple
Malappuram District came in to being on 16th June 1969.
Ponnani,Thirur,Nilambur,Perinthalmanna,Thirurngadi and Eranad are the Thaluks here.
Bharathapuzha,Chaliyar,Kadalundipuzha, Thirur puzha and Thoothapuzha drains this district.
The district is beautiful with hills and valleys, rivers and streams with greenish vegetation, forests and also blessed with scenic coastal line.The meaning of Malappuram is 'Place atop Hills'. In the past these area was known as 'Valluvanadu' and or 'Eranadu'.
This place was historically important.The 'Mamankam' festival which was celebrated in a very grand manner every  twelve years was held at 'Thirunavaya'.The last Mamankam was celebrated in the year 1755.
Thirunavaya was an education center of Vedas and Hindu Culture.'Nava Mukunda Temple' is existing  here which is one among the 108 abodes of Lord Vishnu in India.
The Kings of Valluvanadu,Kings of Vettathunadu, Zamorins,The Kings of Perumbadappu swaroopams were the early rulers.The Portuguese,HyderAli, Tipu Sultan,and the British ruled later on.
This district was the stage for 'Malabar Rebellion'.'Thirurangadi earned much fame because of the 1921 rebellion.
Thanur is a place 8 km from Thirur.This was a colony of the Portuguese.
Nilambur is famous for Teak Plantation,The oldest teak trees in the world  can be spotted here.The place
where the teak plantation exists is very beautiful.There is a hanging bridge here and the scenery from that bridge is breathtaking.There is a teak museum also here.All information about teak is available to the visitors from the museum.
At 'Kottakunnu' which is 12km from Manjeri there exists a fort built by the Zamorins.The sun set can be seen very nicely from this high altitude place.There is a water theme park and amusement park here with so many interesting rides.
18km from Nilambur there is 'Nedumkayam' where there exists  greenish rain forests ..Elephants and deers can be viewed here.
17kms from Nilambur there is Adyan Para water fall.
Ponnani is an Important place in this district.Malappuram is the mostly populated district of Muslims in South India.Ponnani is a sacred place for the Muslims.There are more than fifty Mosques there.There is a fishing harbour at Ponnani.
Kottakkal is important for Ayurvedic treatment.The headquarters of 'Kottakkal Arya Vaidya sala' is here.Many people visit their hospital for 'Pancha Karma Treatment' and other Ayurvedic treatments.There is Ayurvedic mental hospital and Ayurvedic Medical College here.
Thirur is an important place and famous because it is the birthplace of 'Ezhuthachan'.
'Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan' is known as the father of Malayalam language who lived in the 16th century.His house was situated at 'Thunchan Parambu' which is preserved  and considered sacred by language lovers.
Ezhuthachan created Hindu religious books 'Ramayana,Mahabharatha,and Maha Bhagavatham' in Malayalam.These books in poetry form are actually independent translation from Sanskrit.Till his time the poets of Kerala wrote either in Sanskrit or in 'Manipravalam' which was a mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit.
Ezhuthachan who lived  the life like a  Saint had many  disciples.They traveled many places for the revival of Hindu culture.
Manuscripts of his books was spread widely and people loved to study and recite his books daily at home.
His works written in pure Malayalam contains classic Malayalam words.If all the meaning of words used by Ezhuthachan in his books can be studied, one can become  an expert of Malayalam language and literature.. Even today he is revered by
all sectors of the society.His books are considered sacred and copy of those books are kept in all Hindu  families of Kerala.In fond remembrance people visit his birth place.During 'Navarathri festival' on Vijaya Dasami  day hundreds of small children are brought here for "Vidyarambham'(Initiation of study)
Another  Poet 'Poonthanam Nampoothiri' who wrote the famous book 'Gnana Pana'   belong to this district.He lived at 'Keezhattur' near Perinthalmanna.
His house(Illam) is still preserved and visited by tourists.He was a firm believer of Lord Krishna and visited Guruvayoor temple usually.Those days the poor Nampoothiri had to walk to and fro and once robbers attacked him during night on his way to Guruvayoor temple.They captured his money and a gold ring.At that moment a man on a horse appeared there.The robbers ran away but the knight chased them.Poonthanam Nampoothiri when reached the temple in the morning the temple priest gave him his gold ring.The Priest said he had a dream the previous night. Lord Krishna told him in the dream  that there would be a gold ring in front of the idol next day morning and it belonged to Poonthanam.As in the dream the gold ring was found in front of the idol by the Priest in the morning and gave back to Poonthanam Then Poonthanam understood that the rider on the horse who saved him and  chased the robbers the previous night was none other than Guruvayoorappan.
In his old days one day he said to to the family members that  Lord Krishna would come next day to take him to heaven and so a feast must be arranged for Lord Krishna.Family members did not believe but the feast was arranged.The next day Nampoothiri was acting as if receiving a guest and he served the meals to the guest..He was happily talking to some body but family members witnessed none..Later he announced that it was time for his departure to heaven and anybody else willing to go heaven could accompany him.His wife also did not believe his words but thought he was mad.  A maid servant who believed his words accompanied him.Both of them walked up to the gate and disappeared..People still believe that both of them were taken to heaven by Lord Krishna.
Pazhayangadi Mosque of Kondotti which was constructed in the 18th century attracts tourists.This is made in Mughal style.There is Nercha festival in March every year when thousands of people gather there.
Puthen Pally nercha at Perumpadappu and Omanur Nercha are famous Mosque festivals in Malappuram district.

There are famous churches at Malaparambu,Angadipuram,Pariyapuram,Chungathu and Edakkara.
Kadalundi Bird sanctuary is visited by tourists.Vallikkunnu beach and padinjarekara beach are marvelous.
'Thrippangottu Temple' is an important Siva temple of Kerala.Thirumandhamkunnu Devi temple is also very ancient and sacred temple.Kunnathambalam  which is at Mancheri and 'Thanur Temple are famous Shrines.

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Kannur district was formed on January 1, 1957 and the headquarters is at Kannur.Taluks are Kannur,Thalasseri,Thaliparamba,Payyannur,Koothuparamba, and Mattannur.The rivers flowing through this district are Kavvayipuzha,Ramapuram puzha,Thalasseri puzha,Peruvamba puzha,Kuppam puzha Valapatanam puzha Ancharakandi puzha and Mayyazhi puzha.
Valapatanam puzha is the largest among these with 110 kms length.
The name Kannur means 'The place of Lord Krishna'.(Kannan+Ur became Kannur)
The original temple of Katalayi Krishnan was situated at ' Katalayi Kota' in the south eastern part of present Kannur town and it is the reason of this place name.
Coconut,Cashewnut,Pepper, and rubber are cultivated in this district.Cotton textiles and plywood manufacturing are main industries here.Handloom,Beedi and Coir are traditional industries.The famous Beedi Co-operative Companies 'Dinesh' and 'Sadhoo'  are from Kannur which gives employment to several thousands of people.
The yield of cashew nut is the highest in this district.
The smallest 'Grama Panchayat' of Kerala is Valapatanam  and the largest Taluk of Kerala is 'Thaliparamba'
of Kannur district.
Valapatanam even though a small grama panchayat is famous for timber trading.There is 'Azhikkal Beach' and a small port here.
'Aralam Wild life Sanctuary' is 55kms from Kannur town.This is 55sq.kms in area.This is only 35kms from Thalasseri and was established in 1984.The headquarters is at Iritti.Elephants,Bison,Deer and Boar are common sight here.
Aralam farm near 'Iritti' give all assistance to farmers for better cultivation and yield.Advices,good seeds and manure are made available to farmers.
Pazhassi dam and a small park adjacent to it is situated at Iritti.The dam is named Pazhassi as a memorial to 'Pazhassi Raja' the great ruler and Patriot of northern Kerala.Boating is arranged in the dam reservoir.
'Ezhimala' is 35kms from Kannur.It is the place where Naval Academy is situated.There is historically important fort 'Ezhimala Fort' which was built by the Portuguese.
'Mahi' is a place under 'Pondichery' of Cental Government rule.This place on the banks of Mayyazhi river was under French rule for several years.
'Muzhappilangad Beach' is the only drive-in beach of Kerala where vehicles can be driven on the beach.
'Payyambalam Beach' is also a beautiful beach which is only 2km from Kannur town.'Meenkunnu Beach' is also another tourist spot.
Kannur Fort and 'Anchalakotta' fort are tourist spots.
'Dharmadam island' is a beautiful  small island situated 3km from Thalasseri.Plenty of coconut trees are grown on this island.
Thalasseri Fort which was built by the British is a tourist attraction.Thalasseri is a historically important place.Jagannatha Temple
 which was established by 'Sree Narayana Guru' is at Thalasseri.Sree Narayana Guru was a Saint and reformer of Kerala.After establishing this temple he gave permission to non Brahmins to do the pooja rituals in the temple as a protest against the caste discrimination of Kerala.
Parassinikadavu is famous for the 'Muthappan Temple' where the beliefs and rituals are different from other temples of Kerala.This Shrine is visited by large number of devotees from far and near every day.
There is also a Snake park at 'Parassinikkadavu' where different species of poisonous and non poisonous Snakes can be seen.
Kottiyoor Siva temple is one of the most important Siva temples of Kerala.The festival period during May-June is joyfully celebrated here in a grand manner.
Thaliparamba Siva temple which is known as Raja Rajeswara Temple is  famous and very sacred.
Payyanur Subramanya Temple is a famous Shrine.'Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram' which is a sacred ring which can be worn on the finger of devotees is arranged from this temple.
'Vaithalmala' is a hill which is having 6km altitude from sea level is situated 44kms from Thaliparamba.Sports loving tourists can try to trek this hill.
'Arackkal' was the only Muslim Kingdom of Kerala.Kannur town was under their rule.The last ruler was a woman 'Arackklal Beevi' before the British acquired the Kingdom.Their palaces still exists.
Thalasseri Juma Masjid is very famous sacred Shrine.Odathil Masjid is also well known.
Madayi Church and Thalasseri St.John's Church are visited by devotees in large numbers.
Cherukunnu Anna Poorneswari Temple and Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple are  well known shrines.
Sports personalities include V.P.Sathyan,P.T.Usha, and M.D.Valsamma.
Politicians include E.K.Nayanar,Pinarayi Vijayan, K.Karunakaran, A.K.Gopalan,M.V.Raghavan,E.Ahmed
Writers include Sanjayan and T.Padmanabhan.
Film personalities are Sreenivasan,Manju Warrier,Vineeth Etc
Tail Piece
We describe some facts which are difficult tasks and  unbelievable as 'incredible',but this kind of words are not enough to appreciate personalities like 'Herman Gundert'.
Herman Gundert was a christian missionary from Germany who came to India and worked mainly in Kerala after a short duration of stay at Chennai.He stayed at Thalasseri for twenty years from 1839.When most of the people other than Keralites say that it is very difficult to learn Malayalam language Herman Gundert mastered malayalam and wrote several books in this language..The details of plants and herbs found here with English and Malayalam names is one of his works.The fact that he made the first
English- Malayalam Dictionary
 is really wonderful.I am unable to find a suitable word to appreciate this sagacious talent and scholar.As a person who loves Malayalam language utmost, I bow down to the feet of Great Herman Gundert.
The Bungalow where Herman Gundert stayed at Thalassery is still there and it is a tourist spot.

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Banasurasagar Dam

Banasurasagar Dam

'Wayanadu Churam'
Kasargod District

Kasargod District came in to being on 24th May 1984 and  have1992 sq.kms in area with many small rivers flowing through it.Chittari puzha, Mancheswaram puzha,Neeleswaram puzha,Chandragiri puzha,Uppala puzha,Karingot puzha,Kowayi puzha Mogral puzha and Shiriya puzha drains this district.Mancheswaram  puzha which is only 16km long is the smallest river in Kerala.
The highest yield of Arecanut, and tobacco are from this district.
There are historically important forts which are all tourist attractions in this district.Chandragirikkotta is a fort which was built in the 17th century.At 'Veeramala' there is a fort made by the Dutch.At Kottappuram there is a fort which was constructed by the Neeleswaram rulers.At Hosdurg also there is a fort known as Hosdurg fort which was built by Budnor Naik Somasekhar.Bakel fort is situated at Pallikkara Village and very famous tourist spot.This fort was made by Budnor Naik Sivappa.This is more than 300 years old.
Malik Dinar Mosque is very famous and it was  built by Malik Ibin Dinar.
Ananthapuram temple is a sacred temple here dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu.The Sanctum is situated at the center of the temple pond is a rare phenomenon here..There is no other temple in Kerala where the Sanctum is made like this.There is a passage made to reach the sanctum to perform the rituals.Recently the idol of the temple was newly made as per the the same criteria of the existed idol.For that 'Salagrama' stones from Nepal and other precious materials from different parts of India were brought and made as per the old rules.Devotees from far and near visit this temple which is an ancient one.In the pond which surround the Sanctum there is a crocodile living in it.As per the memories of the old people; there lived a crocodile always in that pond.Hearing this story there happened a tragedy several years back.One man killed the crocodile with a gun.Suddenly
a branch of a nearby tree broke and fell upon him.Devotees were but sad that the crocodile was dead.To their amazement another  Crocodile appeared in the pond after a few months.It is now living in that pond and the temple priest give vegetarian food to it.It will not harm any devotees..The temple priest who takes bath in that pond happened to step on it two three times while taking bath but it never attacked.
There are two  other famous temples in Kasargod district.Madhur temple is one which is 8km from Kasargod town  and has beautiful sculptures there.The other 'Sree Gopala Krishna temple' is also visited by devotees in large numbers.
Kanjangad,Neeleswaram,Manjeswaram,Uduma, and    Thrikkaripur are important places.
Theyyam is an important art form of northern Kerala in which different types of makeup and masks are used as according to the characters they are enacting.In Kasargod district also this art form can be observed during festival season.Machilottu Bhagavathy,Kannangat Bhagavathy,Kathivannoor Veeran, etc are  famous Theyyams.
Ex.Minister N.K.Balakrishnan and Cine actress Kavya Madhavan are from this
Wayanad District

Wayanad was formed on November 1 1980.It is in areaRiver Kabani and its  tributaries flows through this district.The important places are Kalpetta,Sultanbattery,Vaithiri and Mananthawadi.
This district is blessed with serene natural beauty.This is the lowest populated district of Kerala.Coffee yield
is the highest from Wayanad district.
At Kalpetta which is the headquarters of the district there is an ancient Jain Temple which attracts tourists.
3 kms from Vaithiri there is a lake known as 'Pookkode lake' which is very beautiful.The area is also very attractive with hills and valleys and  very greenish too.Boating can be done in the lake.
Edackal Caves near Sultanbattery is visited by tourists because these caves have ancient inscriptions and paintings.
Heritage museum at Ambalavayal is where ancient coins,weapons and other items which are historically important are displayed.
There is an island known as 'Karuva island' 17kms from Mananthawadi.This island is very beautiful and so it is a favourite tourist spot.
Soochippara waterfall which is 300ft. high is another attraction.
Banasura Dam is situated at 25kms from Kalpetta.It is the only dam in India which is made with clay.
Pazhassi Raja memorial is 32kms from Kalpetta.Pazhassi Raja who fought bravely against the British is highlighted in the history.His palace is situated at 'Panamaram' which 29km from Vaithiri.
Chembramala is the highest hill in this district.Trekking is arranged for tourists.There is a lake on top of the hill
in which water will be there round the year.
Muthanga is a wild life sanctuary.It is 15km from Vaithiri.Tourists can enjoy Elephant rides here.
'Pakshi Paathalam' is a bird sanctuary.Different species of birds can be observed here.
Two very famous Jain temples are here which are visited by tourists and devotees.Anandanatha temple is having beautiful ancient sculptures and 'Kannadi' temple which is situated at 'Vellarimala' is very beautiful.
Thirunelli temple which is famous for performing the oblations for the departed souls is very famous and has much importance to Hindus.There are only two temples in Kerala where oblations for the ancestors can be performed inside the temple premises.One is 'Thiruvallam' temple of Trivandrum and the other is 'Thirunelli' temple of Wayanadu.Large number of people from far and near come to this temple to do the rituals every day.
St.Peter's Church at Meenangadi and  the LourdeChurch at Pallimukku are famous and sacred Christian shrines
which are   visited by devotees in large numbers.
Ananthapuram Temple
Phantom rock
Bakel Fort